photo shoot

We had such a great photo shoot the other day.  Having someone in the family who is a videographer for a TV studio is a big help!  But it’s also all about the lighting.  You don’t need fancy equipment but you need plenty of lights pointing in the right directions.  And not all at the subject.   Bounce light off the ceiling and walls and you’d be amazed how it helps with the shadows…….. 

I wanted to get photos of my newest product in the janzibar recycled sweater line – the patchwork scarves.  Here some of the results.  Laura also wanted to create a “lifestyle” setting along with the “studio” shots.  And anyone can do this in your own home with the furniture and accessories that you already own. 

 But you might need to move the sunbathing cat first!

fat cat Bubb!

With my deacon’s bench, Mexican blanket, and potted plants we tucked everything in the corner near the curtained window and with Laura’s photographer’s eye, the perfect setting! 

lifestyle setting

The “studio” shots are created using a roll of white paper draped over the china cabinet with dining room table pushed up against it.  Stands of lights are created by using camera tripods, and a half dozen dome lights. 

scarves in studio setting

Be sure to use white lights tho, not, yellow standard bulbs.  And by playing in Photoshop, cropping and adjusting image size and color balances, the finished pictures could have come from a high end studio!

janzibar mittens, scarves and bags all together for group photos…….. 

recycled sweater totes

scarves and mittens

"is it cold yet?"


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