Sweater Totes & Crossbody Bags

Totes and crossbody bags are made from recycled wool sweaters.  They all have the signature janzibar lining made from a recycled button down shirt with the button placket and breast pocket intact.  Each bag also has an additional interior pocket opposite the button placket.  The straps are made from recycled cordoroy, denim, or upholstery fabric worn easily over the shoulder or across the body.

Recycled zippers are fashioned into a floret “doodad” handsewn on the sides of the tote bags.

Most tote bags are approximately 16″ x 18″, the crossbody bags are approximately 14″ x 16″.


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3 Responses to Sweater Totes & Crossbody Bags

  1. Janice says:


    I recently purchased one of your sweater totes – can’t tell you how much I love it! While shopping for a gift the other day, one of your sweater totes just caught my attention – the shape of it reminded me of a bag that an aunt of mine brought back for me from Greece many, many years ago. Then when I read how it was made from an old sweater & all recycled materials inside & out I just had to buy it. I can just imagine what the original sweater looked liked and the zipper doodads are so clever! I plan to shop for more of your creations for myself or as gifts.

    • Jan says:

      Hi – I’m thrilled that you purchased a tote and that it reminds you of something from your aunt. What store was it where you found the bag? Thanks again, Jan

      • Janice says:

        I bought it at Imagine Artwear in Alexandria, Virginia. Since my last comment, I’ve also purchased one of your scarves from the same store – in time for this frigid weather we’re having now!!


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